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Congratulations on becoming a police officer.  It’s often said that you become a police officer to change the world but when you retire, the world has changed you.  One of the biggest challenges throughout your career will be making money-working details and overtime while  trying to balance family time.  Maybe you're saving to buy your first home, pay off student loans, trying to figure out how much to save for retirement and where to save-Deferred Comp/SMART Plan? Do I need life insurance and/or disability insurance?  You're in the station still trying to figure out where the restroom is when somebody says…”hey kid, I gotta guy.”  That’s what is so great about being a police officer-the camaraderie of knowing there is help.  The problem is whether or not you need a new roof or life insurance, somebody always says..”I gotta guy.”  This “guy” may be good for Sgt Smith but is he/she the right person for you?  

What you need is a financial plan that is tailored specifically for you and your family and your situation.  While the Lt’s brother-in-law's cousin works for Fidelity, do we really know what she does there?  She might work in HR or IT and have no idea about financial planning.

 Blue Line Financial will take a look at YOUR situation and educate you on making the right choices.  We’ve worked with hundreds of officers throughout the state and have been in the investment industry for over 20 years.  More importantly, I was in your shoes and come from a longstanding family history of Boston police officers.  I know the deferred comp plan and retirement system very well.  Take the first step by scheduling a call/meeting with me.  Being “on the job” is stressful enough-do not let the financial side add to this stress.  I have conducted numerous retirement seminars and have been approached many times after my presentation by people asking “where were you 30 years ago?”  Don’t be that “guy.”  Let’s set you up for financial success now.  Making an income vs generating wealth-the difference is in having a financial plan with defined goals and objectives.

 More importantly, do your research when approached or introduced to somebody offering what’s called the pension max plan.  Essentially, this involves buying life insurance so you can take Option A in retirement. It was popular in the past and every 5 years it gets brought back from the financial product deadpool.  This concept rarely works and call for back up if you learn of an officer even thinking about this-or call me.

 Lastly, you may be familiar with MGL Chap 90 Sec 10-operating without a license.  You want to make sure your advisor is a licensed professional and holds the required licenses.  Ask to see these licenses and for him or her to produce what is called a form ADV.  It provides a  background on the advisor and will list their experience and if they were ever involved in wrongdoing-financial or otherwise.  You can also go to this website and enter their name and view their past-it’s like a “BOP” for financial advisors;


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